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It’s 7:41 in the morning and I have been up since 5:30, no gag gif.  I have been sitting indian style on the couch in my empty office because my back hurts so much from working out and getting super jacked…gag gif.  Unfortunately, being a fat ginger piece of shit means you get incredibly sore from working out.

Gag gift Dick at your door chocolate dick

I Won’t see anyone until 8:30

I have been coming in an hour and half early to work since I started with this terrible little startup at the beginning of the year.  My bosses have no idea they don’t pay attention to the needs of their employees.  They hardly come into work at all, which makes feel like this place is going to fail in a big way.  It seems like they are hoping to cash in on an idea and make everyone else work out the details.  Is there passion behind it?  Maybe at one point, but now they couldn’t be more over it.

It’s an incredibly small office

And I work with all women.  This isn’t an issue, except for the fact that the bathroom is in the same room as everyone and I drink a TON of coffee.  When someone poos, it stinks up the entire office with this weird Shitris smell.  A combination between poo and spray.  It’s never a good thing.

I think this might actually be a funny blog, so I’ll stop there.  Gag gif gag gif gag gif.  Merica’

Check out that eagle at the top of the page again.  It’s fucking awesome.  That’s all

Piss off today.


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