Five Original Prank Ideas to get the Ball Rolling:

Here at DAYD, we like a good Prank Idea.  It’s why we decided to start shipping chocolate dicks across the United States with .  However, there are literally dozens of great prank ideas that you can build with all your everyday household items. The following are five funny pranks to get the ball rolling.  A little DIY for Wednesday evening.

5) Saran Wrap across the door.  Classic Macgreuber

Saran Wrap, tape, and someone who comes running at any whisper of a spectacle.  Of the five pranks we’ve chosen, this is definitely the easiest to execute and has the quickest pay off.  As you’ll see in the video, all you need to do is set em’ up and knock em’ down.  Just don’t plan on using these prank ideas on someone who’s incredibly fast.  You’re liable to break a neck.  

Click here to see prank #4


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