3 Funny Bachelorette Prank Ideas


If you search the interweb for funny bachelorette prank ideas, some of the dumbest, most pathetic “funny” gifts pop up that should have everyone fear for the state of the world we live in.

  • Making the bed only 1/3 of the way up???? OMG. LOG. Fuck off.
  • Give the bachelorette a water shot when she thinks it’s vodka??? Fuck you.
  • Set an early wake up call for the bride to be??? Holy shit, that will show her!!!! Fuck off.

These are probably the same people who think all kids should get a participation medal because they can’t handle losing. If there is ever a time in history where more people need to “Eat a Dick,” it’s now. Here are a couple better options:

Funny Gag Gift #1: Our own Anonymous Chocolate Dick

Listen, it’s all fun and games with the bachelorette, which is why she needs something a little bit more personal and a little bit more edgy. If you really want to show her a good time, send her one of our anonymous chocolate dicks in the mail and get a real laugh out of her. If she’s getting married, she probably already knows how to handle a penis, so this is the perfect gag gift.

Chocolate Penis Gag Gift

Funny Gag Gift #2: Send her a very visible giant dildo

(Click image to see full details or purchase from Amazon)

I can only hope that the recipient lives with their mother when this arrives at their door. Even better, you can express deliver and make them sign for it. Maybe they live with their Fiance, and maybe this becomes incredibly awkward for them. The sky is the limit, here. But all you need


Funny Gag Gift #3: We can’t find anything else

This is pathetic. There are so few funny people in the world that we can’t even find a good bachelorette prank that might actually make someone laugh.

Whatever, it’s not like the marriage is going to last anyways.



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