In this new digital world, we humans are increasingly losing touch with each other. As technology increases and expands, it is easier to interact via the internet.  Gone are the days of sitting down to pen someone you love a heartfelt letter of praise.  Up in smoke are the times a person would spend time sending a gift in the mail.  It’s just not something we like taking the time to do.  Unless, of course, you are using the mail to send practical jokes.  That service is alive and well.  So alive, that we have compiled the top out there currently.  Here are the fie funny practical jokes you can send in the mail.

#1: Dick at Your Door (

Five funny practical jokes you can send in the mail

Of course, we would be a little stupid not to include ourselves in this list.  After months of research and testing, Dick At Your Door has come out on top as the absolute best practical joke you can send in mail.  Our completely unbiased reviews looked at several factors, and Dick At Your Door came out ahead of the competition.  

With Dick At Your Door, a person can send a hefty 4oz. of Peruvian dark chocolate anonymously to anyone in the United States, Canada and the UK.  This is a great way to prank a friend or get back at a turd you’ve had to deal with for far too long.  With guaranteed anonymity, Dick at You Door is top of the line in service, packaging and style. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

#2: Box of Sand (Annoying Sand)

box of annoying sand

Our boys at Ruin Days have a number of practical jokes you can send your enemies.  From dicks to butthurt boxes, they have you covered on a bunch of stuff.  However in our opinion, none is better than the box of sand.  With a perfectly engineered product box, this practical joke is sure to chap some asses.  Especially if it’s opened over carpet.

#3: Poo. Literal Poo (

Send real poop to people

With a full service menu of different delectable poo assortments, I Poo You has stolen our hearts with their juvenile antics.  Choose from horse, turkey, goat, pig, and chicken to send your friends or enemies alike.  Dubbed as fertilizer, you won’t be worrying that someone is going to come after you.  After all, everyone needs a little fertilizer in their garden.

#4: Potato Parcel (

Send a message on a potatoThese are the folks who inspired me to create Dick At Your Door.  The geniuses have a wholesome method to send your friends a practical joke that’ll get a smile on their face.  How strange would it be to receive a potato in the mail?  

Another reason to support Riad at Potato Parcel is the fact that he donates 20% of all his potatoes to his local YMCA food bank to help fight hunger.  What’s better than sending a friend a potato?  Saving the world, of course.

#5: Glitter Bomb – The OG (

The original and viral sensation is still a great way to get someone good.  Glitter is notoriously impossible to clean up and annoying three hundred and sixty five days of the year.  Unfortunately, their site has become overburdened with products and it’s kinda messy these days.  However, there are many copycat sites that can prove to be a great way to send your friends, enemies, or frenimies a fun little package.

Of course, there are many more hilarious practical jokes out there to take advantage of.  Be creative and mess with people.  Put a smile on their face or seek a good-hearted revenge.  Either way, help us make snail mail a valuable thing ago.  Kevin Costner as the Postman would be happy.  That movie was garbage.



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