Five of the Absolute Best Office Pranks to get you through this week:

If both the US and UK version of The Office has taught us anything, it’s that workplaces are what you make it.  Anyone with a funny bone worth it’s weight in salt has gotten a good laugh from all the office pranks Jim has pulled on Dwight over the years.  In case you have been living under a rock for the past decade, here is a great compilation of the best office pranks throughout the years.

Of course, the popularity of The Office and it’s surrogates has spawned a subculture of office pranksters who are just begging to be asked politely to leave the office permanently without incident, if you please.  Maybe it’s the added stress and thrill of being caught in the act.  Maybe it’s about a true level of despise for man’s fellow workers.  Maybe it’s just an act of pure comic relief.  Whatever the reason, we applaud you, office prankster.  Instead of bombarding you with 25 mediocre pranks, we chose the five best and most original pranks to get you through the rest of this piss poor week.  Carry on, dick heads.


1. The office germaphobe gets “sneezed” on.

This prank isn’t necessarily a huge production.  It just goes to show that that psychological warfare can play a major part in the war against grumpy cube-mates.  Check it out: 


2. Don’t Fall Asleep:

Honestly, you have to be a bit of an idiot to fall for this one.  However, the execution and offic participation is absolutely flawless.  That’s what makes this prank a top five in our book.  Here’s a tasty video:


3. World Wide Disaster plays out during interview

What would you do if, during an interview, you witnessed a disaster of epic proportions?  These film-makers found out in this next prank.  Yes, this is a commercial for the LG t.v..  However, the knocked it out of the park here.  Big budget equals perfection in execution:


4. Scream Prank

With a scream that echoes through the empty halls of a prep station, this guy has a future as the next Wilhelm Scream track.  Anyways, this one of those simple “office” pranks that I refer back to when I’m feeling down.  It gets harder and harder not to laugh as the video progresses.

5. Farting at a corporate event:


Last and certainly not least is a prank centered around a joke that’s as old as time.  For me, farting is the pinnacle of a prank.  It’s loud or soft, stinky or boisterous.  Wet, dry, or downright disgusting.  In this video, the character has no shame is farting at a corporate event.  Watch this video and you’ll get equal parts cringe and laughs at this crop duster who left his dignity at the diner where he ate that chili.

If farts are your forte, feel free to visit our newest site A Fart In A Jar, to plan your next prank on your cubemate, boss, or family member.  We’ve captured the essence of a fart and will send it to your victim anonymously for low, low price.  Although it’s not available yet, sign up with us to get special pricing when we launch!


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