Dick in a Box by Dick at Your Door
Dick in a Box by Dick at Your Door

Back in 2009, The Lonely Island were dropping hot tracks left and right.  From chart toppers like “Jizz In My Pants” to “I’m On A Boat”, The Lonely Island was a group destined for super stardom among the other greats like Frank Sinatra or the Bee Gees.  Unfortunately like their dicks, just like Lonely Island’s ego was too big for their body and it would all come crashing down.  That’s neither here nor there.

What’s important is that Dick At Your Door has your dicks in a box covered this holiday season.  With a special edition box, we have your pranks, gags, and novelties ready to go for the holidays.

Have a White Elephant Party to go to and hate your co-workers?  Bring a Dick In A Box for them.  It’s heavy enough that when they feel the box, the person will believe it’s something important and exciting.  Is it a new Iphone?!  Nope…just a dick in a box.

Have a sibling that never lets you sleep in on Christmas morning?  The Don fits nicely into standard sized stockings.  Just don’t leave it above the fire or it might melt!

Have a dad who loves fart jokes?  Send him a Fart in a Jar for a nice trip down memory lane.

The point is…even though lonely island is no more and the fad of Dick in a Box has faded, it is still an important part of our culture.  Bring it back to life with Dick At Your Door.

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