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We're not just dick peddlers. We have all the fun stuff for birthdays, bachelorettes, and everything else!

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Oh hey there, friend!

We know you. You like crude humor sprinkled with a little offensiveness. You laugh at certain things...even if it's not particularly ok.

You like your life a quarter mile at a time and that's okay.

We're just like you and we make the fun stuff that you love to buy. Gags, novelties, merch, pranks. It's all here under one "roof". Thanks for stopping by.

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Chocolate Buttholes

Dick At Your Door has the best edible anus chocolates you never knew you needed. 

Never Ending Singing Cards

Our Famous Never Ending Greeting Cards are back! Anonymously send the most confusing and offensive cards you never knew you needed

Chocolate Dicks

This milk chocolate dick in a box is perfect for a special occasion or just a friendly reminder to eat a dick.


You got questions, we got answers. At least to some of the most common ones. If you have weird questions, reach out and we'll try to answer your crazy thoughts

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Penis lollipop

The Great Insception

Birth of the
Chocolate Cock

One night, sitting around an old campfire I melted a little chocoalte into a cock and handed it to my brother. This sparked a family prank fuid that has lasted through present day

penis gag gifts

One Giant Step For Mankind

The First
Cock Was Sent

After creating our first chocolate mold, we sent a chocolate dick to a co-worker and close buddy from college. The first ever chocolate dick was mailed via postal service.

Covid Hit

Fuck the Vid

When depression was at an all time high and people were not able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and more together. Our chocolate dicks were here to pick up the pieces. Over 25,000 chocolate dicks were sent in the first 6 months.

Pride 2023 - Fabulous Dong - DickAtYourDoor

Present Day


Today, we celebrate almost 10 years in the buiz. Sending Chocolate dicks is our speciality and with a projected 100,000 chocolate dicks sent via mail - you could be the next victim OR be the one sending a chocolate dick.