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Father's Day Bundle 2022 - DickAtYourDoor
Father's Day Bundle 2022 - DickAtYourDoor
Father's Day Bundle 2022 - DickAtYourDoor
Father's Day Bundle 2022 - DickAtYourDoor
Father's Day Bundle 2022 - DickAtYourDoor
Father's Day Bundle 2022 - DickAtYourDoor

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Product Details

Listen, Father's Day is coming up and we all know you haven't done anything about it.  Don't worry though, we have your back in a big way. We all know finding that perfect gift for the big man is practically impossible.  That's why we dropped our very first Father's Day Limited Edition Bundle Box just in time to make him laugh.

This limited edition Father's Day chocolate & card bundle comes with two of our best selling gifts all in one place. We even bundled that betch with a built in a big savings for all your penny pinchers out there. We've put over 40.00 dollars worth of goodies into the box. When you order the bundle he'll get:

1) Our "You're the shit" chocolate turd.  Vegan dark chocolate and made from cacao beans in Madagascar. 

2) Our exclusive Father's Day never ending card, looping "fart noises" for 3+ hours until the battery dies, this is sure to drive him nuts. Card comes activated and ready to deploy when opened.

3) Packed in a nicely decorated "Father's Day" Box, with some extra little goodies that we find laying around the warehouse.


It comes in a white box with Happy Father's Day stamped on the outside.

Happy Pranking, to all those great fathers out there!

We knew you needed the help, so here you go.  Happy Father's Day Everyone! 

Shipping Information


We typically ship items within 1-3 business days. Items are not guaranteed to be delivered within a certain timeframe, as many carriers are experiencing delays due to covid-19. If you are experiencing any delays, contact the shipping carrier for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these truly anonymous?
A: Of course. We ship everything with complete discretion. The box has a gift company as the sender and won’t give your information out, unless you do something illegal (don’t do that) or involved in a legal lawsuit (sexual harassment, stalking, etc) and we are required by law. If you’d like the recipient to know who sent the dick, include a customized message and write whatever you’d like.

Q: Is my Phone number or any other information on the package?
A: No, we don't include any customer information on or inside the package. Your phone number, email and billing details are just used to process the payment and track your order.

Q: Is the billing discreet? What shows up on my credit card statement?
A: The picture below is our public information for billing:

Q: Is this chocolate edible?
A: Sure is. Each ding dong is hand crafted with care by a certified chocolatier. **Orders on or after 5/1/20 are made with milk chocolate.

Q: How big is it?
A: Our anonymous chocolate dick gag gifts are as real as it gets. Coming right up to the American average penis size of about 5″ in length and completely solid to prevent breaking.

Q: When will my item ship?
A: Since all our chocolate is made fresh, orders are typically shipped within 2-3 business days. The processing time is in addition to the shipping option you choose. Please be aware that during busy times like holidays, processing may take a little longer than 3 business days.

Q: Have you ever had a problem with melting?
A: We have tested these chocolates in warm conditions and they went unmelted, but we’ve also had reports in mild climates where they were left on the doorstep in the sun and did melt. If you are concerned about the possibility of melting we offer insulated shipping boxes with Cold Gel Packs for a little extra.

Q: How do I know my target received the package (pun intended)?
A: Each package is tagged and easily tracked online through our shipment tracking service. Once it leaves our warehouse, you will receive that tracking number so you can check on live updates as the package reaches it’s target.

Q: Do you offer holiday/Christmas themed products?
A: Yes! Keep your eyes out for our Holiday Collections coming soon! For other holidays, we usually release products 3-4 weeks before the holiday.

Q: Why?
A: Because what is better than sending an anonymous chocolate dick to someone in the mail? There is something really special about knowing you have given something confusing with no hope of figuring out who the culprit is. That’s a special kind of torture.

The best reactions

Gift giving is awesome. So are pranks. In the age of social media, global plagues, and all the other nonsense going on in our lives, sending a dick in the mail is something to lighten up life a little. Plus, who's going to be worried about that failed psych class when they can't stop wondering who the hell sent them a seven inch dong in the mail.

Stupid? Maybe a little...

Worth It? Every time.

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Father's Day Bundle 2022