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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb - FREEDOM EDITION

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Product Details

America! Freedom! Your prank recipient having to clean up a sh*tload of annoying Glitter!!!!

The best Freedom loaded glitter bomb prank on the market is now available as an American Flag inspired tube that vomits Red, White & Blue glitter all over the floor of your targeted recipient.

Our loaded glitter bomb prank comes discreetly packaged in a tube labeled with "This Side Up" along with a fragile sticker and our FREEDOM sticker, deceptively convincing the recipient there's something of actual value inside. Unfortunately for them, the moment they remove the cap from the tube, a spring launches a cloud of tiny, frustratingly annoying glitter from the package, covering the floor (and maybe the recipient) with red, white and blue glitter. Extremely frustrating to clean up.

Originally developed as a way for people to anonymously tell their friends, office colleagues, enemies, family members or random strangers to "eat a dick" without the repercussions, Dick at Your Door has grown into a great way to spice up friendships, bachelorette parties, just to have a laugh, or simply to annoy someone for the hell of it.

Shipped anonymously from out warehouse in San Diego, Ca.

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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb - FREEDOM EDITION

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