File An Official Complaint

While our gifts are designed to be funny and lighthearted, we realize that some people send gag gift products with malicious intent. We do not condone this behavior and sending one of our products in an effort to harass another human being or sending to a minor is not acceptable. If we can find and prosecute any individuals who have broken a law through using our site or sending one of our gifts, we will try.

However, while you may be upset about receiving a gag gift and think it might have been with malicious intent, through our investigations we’ve found that 95% of the senders in question turned out to be a friend or family member just joking around with them.

If you have received one of our products for any of the following reasons please continue and file a complaint:

  1. You are being harassed
  2. You, your son, or your daughter received a product and they are under the age of 18
  3. The product was sent with malicious intent and violates a law



If you are requesting the sender’s information but they have not violated any law, unfortunately we cannot provide that information to you. It is actually illegal for us to provide senders information unless they have violated terms and conditions. Even then, we can only look into providing information if they have violated a law and requested by the United States Court System.

What happens after I submit my complaint?

Once you submit your complaint, we will review the details and pass it along to our legal team. If our legal team determines that a law was broken or legal action can be taken, we will advise you of those next steps.