Blank Box: Chocolate Dick

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  • The Original Eat A Dick
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Yup, you can send a Chocolate Dick to ANYONE

Send An Anonymous Chocolate Dick

Or don't, we don't care! Dick At Your Door is here for one thing only - to provide the best f*cking gag gifts you can get.

Why Dick At Your Door?

We've been doing this since 2017 and this is our biggest and best dong yet! Almost 1/2 a pound of chocolate in a cleverly disguised box. They'll never see it coming

7 Tasty Inches

Yup, these lover shooters are handcrafted by a certified chocolatier.

Nearly 1/2 Pound

That's a lot of girth! These nearly 1/2 pound chocolate ds are ready to lock and load.

Pick a Box

Choose a box for your occasion and send it or hand deliver it.

Cheers to making gift giving that much better

Let us gingerly touch our tips

Happy Birthday - Eat A Dick - DickAtYourDoor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1310 reviews
Chris Brass
Great use for exercising freedom of speech!

Most of my purchases are sent to public or government officials that have managed to get on my radar for one reason or another. While they are sent anonymously meaning I have no knowledge if they arrived or not, I am actually anticipating a day when I'm prosecuted for sending obscene material through the mail to the recipient only to demonstrate to the public how deserving they are to get it.

If you're a cop or city official that received one of these gifts, there's a possibility that it came from me and you'll know why you earned it.

Denine Fleming
Fabulous gift

I order two, surprise my two friends, they find it so hilarious and they love it!

Diggin dude!
Email review request and the irony

The irony of this email I tried to email support never heard back. Got one half reply from Adam but issue was never addressed lol.
Of course, we'd love your feedback on how everything went! Good or bad, it helps us get better. Plus you'll get a juicy coupon for helping us out. That's a win/win.

Have an issue with your order? Shoot us a quick email before reviewing so we can sort you out and make everything peachy keen.

Steven Havre

My friend was hysterical with laughter when she opened the penis in a can! I will definitely order for other friends! A++++

Elisabeth C

Fast service and my friend loved her surprise! 😂