Five April Fool's Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

Five April Fool's Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong - DickAtYourDoor

From the harmless to the cruel, pranks have been around since the beginning of time. And while some people can take a joke, others are not so lucky. In fact, some pranks have led to lawsuits, public outcry, and even death. Here are five of the worst pranks in history and the consequences that came as a result: 

  1. The White House Lawn Joke Gone Wrong - In 1995, two teens decided it would be funny to drive a truck onto the White House lawn and leave it there overnight as a prank. Unfortunately, their joke went awry when they realized they left the keys inside the truck. As a result, the Secret Service had to evacuate the White House and conduct a bomb sweep of the vehicle. The teens were arrested and charged with destruction of government property. YIKES. They should have just sent their buddy a chocolate dick
  1. The Great Tampon Prank War - In 2000, two Florida high school students engaged in a prank war that got out of hand quickly. It all started when one student put tampons in his rival's locker. The other student responded by super gluing the locks on all of the doors in his school. The prank war escalated from there, with both students pulling ever more elaborate and destructive stunts. In the end, both students were expelled and arrested for their respective crimes. Easily could have just put a chocolate asshole in the locker… 
  1. Death by Whoopee Cushion - In 2006, an Australian man died after sitting on a whoopee cushion that had been laced with methane gas. The man, who suffered from Crohn's disease, was using the whoopee cushion as part of his treatment plan. However, unbeknownst to him, his roommate had filled the cushion with methane gas as a prank. When he sat on it, he inhaled a lethal amount of gas and died as a result. His roommate was later charged with manslaughter. Word to the wise, next time just send a glitter bomb
  1. The "Invisible Dog" Prank - In 2007, two British brothers decided it would be funny to tie an invisible dog to a lamppost and watch people's reactions as they walked by. Unfortunately, their joke went too far when an elderly woman mistook the "invisible dog" for an actual dog and tried to pet it. She lost her balance and fell, fracturing her hip in several places. She sued the brothers for negligence and won nearly $300,000 in damages.
  1. The Deadly Balloon Prank - In 2013, two friends in Argentina decided it would be funny to fill water balloons with gasoline and set them on fire while driving around town. However, their prank went horribly wrong when one of the balloons exploded inside their car, causing it to catch fire. Both friends were killed in the resulting crash. 

While some pranks can be harmless fun, others can have serious consequences—up to and including death. Don’t be like these people, order a Dick at your Door prank instead.

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