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The Original Chocolate Penis Prank.  This is exactly what you have been searching for, we promise.  It's the real Dick in a Box that the Lonely Island Boys wish they had

Back in 2016, we were just a couple of 20 somethings making funny dick jokes and melting chocolate in a small kitchen.  Looking back, we had no clue where we were going or what this would be.  Nonetheless, here we are and now we are better than ever.  Seriously.

We've double the size of the chocolate by weight and dimensions (girth baby), added new flavors, and given you all the options you need to give the best gift of all time.

In as little as two minutes, you can order the funniest and most confusing gift in the world.

Following the steps make this as easy as you want.

Step 1: Choose your Box - Pick from the original boxes or jump in on the new surprise and thinking of you boxes.  Maybe you have a birthday party you need to upset?  We got that too

Step 2: Add a Message - Not a requirement, but a prank gift is always funnier when there is an equally 

Looking for a unique and delicious treat that's sure to surprise and delight? The "Eat a Dick" chocolate is just what you need! Handmade in California, this intricately crafted chocolate weighs almost 1/2 a pound and features incredible detail that will leave the recipient both confused and laughing.

Crafted from the finest quality Milk chocolate ingredients, this chocolate is not only visually impressive but also incredibly delicious. Each bite is a sensory delight, with the perfect balance of sweetness and rich, decadent chocolate flavor.  These girthy gals are guaranteed to make the party really pop.

But the "Eat a Dick" chocolate is not just any chocolate. It's also the perfect tool for an anonymous mail prank! Imagine sending this to a friend or co-worker, with no return address or indication of who sent it. The shock and laughter on their face when they open it will be priceless!

This chocolate is perfect for a variety of occasions. Maybe you want to prank a co-worker who's been getting on your nerves, or send it anonymously to a friend who could use a good laugh. Or perhaps you want to surprise your significant other with an unexpected and unique gift. The possibilities are endless especially when each "package" is packaged as a luxury gift.  They will never see it coming.

So why wait? Order the "Eat a Dick" chocolate today and experience the unique blend of humor and decadence that only this vegan chocolate can offer. And if you're feeling mischievous, consider sending it as an anonymous mail prank – the laughs will be well worth it! 

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Yup, you can send a Chocolate Dick to ANYONE

Send An Anonymous Chocolate Dick

Or don't, we don't care! Dick At Your Door is here for one thing only - to provide the best f*cking gag gifts you can get.

Cheers to making gift giving that much better

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Happy Birthday - Eat A Dick - DickAtYourDoor

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Customer Reviews

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Helping out the homie

I ordered one of these Johns to help make my buddy’s week less terrible and it did exactly that.

Very funny gift

This was an excellent funny gag gift for a coworker, she loved it and so did everyone else watching her open it!

Sarah Smith
Candy was junk, NO help from customer service

The gummies arrived melted into one giant lump. The email asking for this review said that if I had any problems I should contact them first before leaving a negative review. I’ve already sent three emails to customer service and they haven’t respond to any of them. I keep getting emails asking me to buy more of their stuff though. If you’re going to buy their product make sure you buy in winter!

sue whitaker

The product was received in good shape. I did not care for the snail mail delivery. I thought it took to long. He thought the bag of dicks were great

Steven A Aulisio

I happen to work with the most amazing people. I thought I would be funny and send one of my co-workers. An eat a bag.

The entire Rocky Hill. Johnson control's office was laughing for over a week. Awesome. People with great senses of humor made it perfect!