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A dick in a box sent anonymously to the recipient of your choice! Items are sent discreetly from our warehouse in San Diego with a generic return address. The perfect penis prank for your friends, coworkers or anyone who needs to eat a dick and loves chocolate too!

Squid Game: Chocolate DickSquid Game: Chocolate Dick
Squid Game: Chocolate Dick
Regular price$24.99$19.99
    Sweet Treat - Chocolate DickSweet Treat - Chocolate Dick
    Sweet Treat - Chocolate Dick
    Regular price$24.99$19.99
      Halloween Dong - Mr. WoodHalloween Dong - Mr. Wood
      Halloween Dong - Mr. Wood
      Regular price$24.99$19.99
        The Don Box - Chocolate DickThe Don Box - Chocolate Dick
        The Don Box - Chocolate Dick
        Regular price$24.99$17.99
          Covid-19 Vaccine Box - Chocolate DickCovid-19 Vaccine Box - Chocolate Dick
          Covid-19 Vaccine Box - Chocolate Dick
          Regular price$24.99$17.99
            Government Box - Stimulus Check EditionGovernment Box - Stimulus Check Edition
            Government Box - Stimulus Check Edition
            Regular price$24.99$14.99
              Blossom Box - Chocolate DickBlossom Box - Chocolate Dick
              Blossom Box - Chocolate Dick
              Regular price$24.99$19.99


                Spread love and glitter all over the recipient with the Best Spring Loaded Glitter Bombs on the market

                Spring Loaded Dick Glitter BombSpring Loaded Dick Glitter Bomb
                Spring Loaded Dick Glitter Bomb
                Regular price$24.99$19.99
                  Spring Loaded Jizz BombSpring Loaded Jizz Bomb
                  Spring Loaded Jizz Bomb
                  Regular price$24.99$19.99
                    Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb - Shit EditionSpring Loaded Glitter Bomb - Shit Edition
                    Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb - Shit Edition
                    Regular price$24.99$19.99

                      SPECIALTY GREETING CARDS

                      These greeting cards are much better than the average boring greeting card. Never Ending Sound Cards play a hilarious sound that can't be turned off without ripping the card open, and when they do they will be presented with loads of glitter spilling out.

                      OTHER HILARIOUS GAG GIFTS & PRANKS

                      Another option for funny mail pranks, sent anonymously to your friends or enemies. These funny gag gifts are pulled straight from our prank lab of crafty fun.

                      As Seen On:

                      • Order!

                        Order the chocolate dick of your choice. Send anonymously or choose a custom handwritten card to let the recipient know who sent it.

                      • Ship!

                        In 1-3 business days, your order will be shipped from our SoCal warehouse and you’ll receive tracking information each step of the way.

                      • Laugh!

                        Bask in satisfaction and glory when your target is confused and angry because they just opened a box with a chocolate dick in it.

                      • The original anonymous mail prank. Sent from our discreet warehouse, all orders are 100% anonymous unless told otherwise

                      • Need it fast? We got your back.Once you order your prank, we will add everything you
                        need to make the gifting
                        experience unforgettable and ship it FAST

                      • We'll let you know when the
                        recipient has received their "package" so you can film
                        their reaction or laugh at
                        their confusion

                      The holiday collection is here and it's going to change your Christmas parties at the office, in-laws, gam gam's house, or anywhere someone needs a unique give ...
                      Exploding Confetti Cards and Never Ending Singing Cards are here. Embarrass and enrage your friends, coworkers, family, or the neighbor who parties until 4AM with an endless greeting card. Once activated, the recipient is in for 3+ hours of porn sounds, farts, screams, or any number of offensive sounds we drum up. When destroyed, they will get a glitter explosion for their efforts. Where do you want them to open this card??? ...
                      Maybe chocolate isn't your thing. That's okay, because we have the best tasting gummy dicks in the world. Tell someone to eat a dick or eat a bag of dicks. We don't mind. Just tell us where to send and who it's for. We'll take care of the rest. ...
                      So chocolate dicks aren’t your thing? That’s all good by me. It’s why we made the spring loaded confetti dick bomb. With up to four ounces of heavy dick glitter loaded up into an extra coiled spring to maximize spread, pop and annoyance. You can bet this package will be the talk of the party or the most confusing and surprising package ever opened ...
                      Here you’ll find your chocolate buttholes. Your bag of dicks. Your giant gummy peens. From shits to tits, we have all the funny gifts that will make any party and RAGER. All edibles are handmade right here in San Diego and shipped directly to you. ...

                      About Us:

                      Dick At Your Door was never supposed to be anything other than a joke between friends. What started as an inside joke became a little chocolate shop of horrors which became a small business which became my life.

                      Am I surprised we are still going? Absolutely. Would I have it any other way? Absolutely not.

                      Over the years, I’ve made brutal mistakes. Through destroyed products, melting chocolate, lost packaging, one terrible no good manufacturer and countless 24 hours marathons of sculpting chocolate penises, I’ve learned a lot about this world. The most important thing? How much people love a well made chocolate dick.

                      Thanks for finding my shop in the weird corner of the internet. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, comments, thoughts, whatever. You degenerate shoppers are why I’m still here.

                      Now go Eat a Dick.

                      Hugs and Kisses,


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                      Holiday Dong - Santa Brought Your Something Special

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                      Holiday Dong - Santa Brought Your Something Special

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