The Four Funny Halloween Pranks You Should Pull This Year

The Four Funny Halloween Pranks You Should Pull This Year - DickAtYourDoor

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about how you're going to scare the pants off your friends and loved ones! If you're looking for some extra spooky ideas, we've got you covered. Here are 4 ways to use Dick At Your Door to give someone a fright this Halloween.

  1. Get creative with your costume! A classic ghost or witch is always a good choice, but why not get really creative and come up with something unique like hiding a chocolate dick underneath that anyone can take a bite of? The more creative your costume, the more likely you are to get a laugh out of your victim!
  1. BOOby trap your house in advance (if you’re the host). The last thing you want is no one to have fun at your Halloween party. Let’s make sure they get a laugh. Order a few chocolate buttholes and sprinkle them around the house. Tape a few different rules like ”If you find a chocolate butthole you have to eat it”. 
  1. Set the mood by handing a bunch of chocolate dicks from string around a room in your house. Just like people add party streamers, you can hang a few party streamers yourself just with a couple chocolate dicks at the end. 
  1. Set aside a bowl of Chocolate dicks. Not only is this funny but it makes for a great little prank for the adults at the party. Let’s say you have a bowl of pretzels, a bowl of candy, a bowl of chips and a bowl of dicks. 

Halloween is all about having fun and being creative! With these 4 tips, you're sure to give everyone a good scare this year with Dick At Your Door. Just remember to play it safe and not overdo it - we don't want anyone getting hurt or in trouble with the law! Happy haunting!

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