Denver Dicks and Blowing up Bud's Bunker

Denver Dicks and Blowing up Bud's Bunker - DickAtYourDoor

This week's dick of the week is an entire city's police force and policy makers.  Poor Leo Lech was just minding his own damn business when some dick gobbler decided to use his house as a hideout while running from the cops on a shoplifting charge (honorable mention for DOTW in my opinion). 

After a 19 hour long standoff with the police, he was apprehended.  However, this poop sniffer didn't go quietly.  No sir.  The cops literally had to blow holes is Leo's house and destroy the interior with tear gas canisters to get him out. Wait, what?

I know what an overreaction is.  My girlfriend loses her shit at when I eat old and, most likely expired, leftovers that are hers.  However this seems a bit excessive. 19 hours and a demolished house for a shoplifter??  Why is the dumpster glory hole does a shoplifter constitute bombs and tear gas?  That's like burning a house down when you find a spider in your bed.

Actually that's probably warranted.  I digress...

So Leo Lech has a destroyed house and is living out of his car.  That's the worst of it, right? I mea, the city will get him a new house and in time things will be back to normal, right?  WRONG.

Last week the city of Denver ruled that Leo would receive zero point zero dollars in compensation for his destroy domicile.  Literally nothing because the police were, "because the police were acting to preserve the safety of the public."

Nothing like getting double fucked by the long dick of the law.

And that my friends, is why the Denver Police Force & the Denver Federal Appeals Court get dick of the week.

Read the full article below (via

PS: Epstein didn't kill himself.  


An armed shoplifting suspect in Colorado barricaded himself in a stranger's suburban Denver home in June 2015. In an attempt to force the suspect out, law enforcement blew up walls with explosives, fired tear gas and drove a military-style armored vehicle through the property's doors.

After an hours-long siege, the home was left with shredded walls and blown-out windows. In some parts of the interior, the wood framing was exposed amid a mountain of debris.

A federal appeals court in Denver ruled this week that the homeowner, who had no connection to the suspect, isn't entitled to be compensated, because the police were acting to preserve the safety of the public.

"Under no circumstances in this country should the government be able to blow up your house and render a family homeless," Leo Lech, the house's owner, told NPR. "This family was thrown out into the street without any recourse."

Lawyers for Lech argued that the police's destruction of his home was a violation of the Constitution's Takings Clause, which says private property cannot be taken for public use without "just compensation." But the problem with that argument, the appeals court ruled, is that courts have long held that police cannot be on the hook for property damage caused in the process of trying to make an arrest.

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