Top 5 Pranks To Get Your Friends With

Top 5 Pranks To Get Your Friends With - DickAtYourDoor

Over the past 5 years we’ve had 100s of people send suggestions for new pranks, bring back old pranks and much more so we decided to compile a list of the top 5 pranks. If you're looking for a funny prank, these are a few of the best we've found. Remember you can send some of these pranks anonymously or with a special little note. Here are the top 5 funniest pranks you can buy friends on the internet:

The Poop Glitter Bomb By Pranks Anonymous

  1. Send them a package of poop glitter. Pranks anonymous allows you to customize the label, double or triple the glitter, make it MEGA and much more. It'll definitely get them back for that time they prank called you, set you up on a blind date with no one or just got you with something funny!

Gift A Funny Cake

  1. Get them a cake with a message like "Congratulations on your promotion!" It'll be even better if they've been passed over for said promotion. Sorry, Dave, we know you didn’t get promoted but at least you can smile and think back about the hilarious gag cake we got you. 

Sign Them Up For A Magazine

  1. Sign them up for magazine subscriptions they definitely won't appreciate, like Golf Digest or Martha Stewart Living. No one hates catalogs more than me but these are a great way to get someone with a cruel but funny little bit. 

Buy Them A Gag Gift

  1. Buy them a gag gift, like a whoopee cushion, fake cockroach or maybe a glitter exploding birthday card. These gag gifts are PG to PG-13 rated making them perfect for birthdays, Father’s day, Christmas and much more! 

Anonymously Send a Chocolate Dick

  1. Anonymously send them a chocolate dick right to their door. Specialized with a different message on the outside, these gifts make for a great laugh. Maybe you’re going to a special birthday dinner at a fancy restaurant, you can really embarrass them then. 

Think of any other funny gag gifts, let us know! 

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