The Top Five Revenge Pranks to Play RIght Now

The Top Five Revenge Pranks to Play RIght Now - DickAtYourDoor

Pranks are a great way to make or break a friendship, but most of all make for a great laugh. If you're looking for a little payback on your friends, look no further! Here are the top 5 revenge pranks that are sure to get a rise out of them. 

Send a Chocolate Cock

  1. Send a Chocolate Dick - This prank is perfect for the friend that may have started a prank war with you. You can send them anonymously and packaged so they have no idea!. They'll be so startled when they open the box to find a big ol’ chocolate dick.

Send a Chocolate Butthole

  1. Live Fast Eat Ass Chocolate Butthole - This one's for the friend who you know is always eating ass. Wrapped in a cute little package, add a custom note, put it in multiple boxes and send it on over. 

Send a Prank Night Light

  1. Send a Night Light - Nothing like shaming your friend more than telling them they need a night light. Get one that moans or has a funny little saying on it.  

Clear Tape Prank

  1. Clear Tape Prank - This works especially well when you live together. The idea is to get him to chase you through the house and already have Scotch tape up to clothesline him while you run under it. 

Dick Filled Glitter Bomb

  1. The Dick Filled Glitter Bomb - For this prank, they will NEVER forget the day they got sprayed with little tiny glitter dicks. For weeks they will be finding these bad boys around their house.

These are just a few ideas to get you started - the possibilities are endless when it comes to getting revenge on your friends! Just remember to keep it safe and don't go too far - after all, they're your friends for a reason. Happy pranking!

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