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Based on 2509 reviews
Dick bomb

I did order dick bomb. But the person received a chocolate dick or cake shaped dick. It was still funny. But not what I ordered..

Eat Shit: Chocolate Turd in a Box


This was amazing! The 10 dollars extra for a shipping cold package was worth it! It was 🔥. I believe the size was just right for a chocolate like this , was not to big not to small. Also customer service was amazing and got back to me thru email with a fast respone. I will be purchasing again in the future!!

Perfect gift

Perfect gift came ontime but product was melted and most of the details removed from the chocolate. Maybe a dry ice option to keep product cold.

The End Result was still good, but...

Based on what I ordered, my order wasn't accurate. A few things, I was under the impression the "Eat a Dick - Dick in a Box" was supposed to be chocolate, not a gummy texture with chocolate on it. Also, I ordered a birthday box with a note attached, but the box wasn't that, and there was no note. It still did the job, and it was delivered on time and was still hilarious, but it wasn't accurate.

Turd in a Box

Although I ordered a Turd in a Box It was delivered to my address … Not the Turd Earners and it melted in the mailbox … I was pleased with the service and the mix up was probably on my end … Thank you … I now have Diarreah in a Box … Lol …

Don’t waste your time

It has been over a month nobody will call me or respond to my emails and I still haven’t got my order. I am reporting this company as fraud and I will get a full refund. This is so disappointing! Ruined a friends birthday

Super fabulous

One amazing gift.

Navidium Shipping Protection
Mike Duckworth
Birthday gift for wife

Everything was amazing. What made this extra special was the look on my wife’s face when it arrived! Thank you so very much!

Spring Loaded Dick Glitter Bomb

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Matt Edmonson

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Navidium Shipping Protection
Kelley Payne
great product

My gay friend loved getting his bad of d's. I wish there was a way to also send them NOT anonymously. He said they were tasty too!

Birthday 🥳

Dad played the card in front of my brother it was a smash

Just awesome

The dick arrived and gave my boyfriend a great laugh! Me as well. Later I got his dick so we were both very happy. This is an awesome idea and a lot of fun with tons of laughs!

Happy Birthday - Eat A Dick
Alex Thomas
Love your product but texas heat sucks

I’ve never had this issue before but when I got the gummy dick I opened it to check it out before giving it to my friend and it had melted and got deformed. It’s unfortunate but nothing I could do about it. I still would recommend these to anyone!

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Desiree Green


Bag of Dicks: Gummy Candy

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Daniel Gogan
Great job!

Great gift gag!! Loved itttt


Cold packs were very warm and all of the dicks melted. Major deformities in 3 of them.

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Paul Bryan

It was great

Vaccine Box - Eat a Dick
Wilbert Vera

Vaccine Box - Eat a Dick

Unprofessional Customer service

horrible, rude, unprofessional customer service, save your money, shop at another site,
Chocolate also inedible.

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Piper Cottingham

Navidium Shipping Protection

Navidium Shipping Protection
Nicholas Barcenas

Navidium Shipping Protection

Great product.

My brother sent an explicit message but love it lol