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I ordered the eat a D and the eat S items! Both are perfect and hilarious! Fast shipping and packed to keep it safe! Great gift for friends with a sense of humor!

D*ck Glitter Bomb - Funny Prank Mail

Happy Fucking Birthday Prank Greeting Card

We are getting a new puppy next week
I plan on leaving it on my wife’s side of the bed

Prank package

Laughed just hitting the order button!

Bag of Dicks: Gummy Penis Candy

Eat a Dick - Dick in a Box Chocolate
Ladies... This is it! What he needs
Got his attention

These penises are just funny. The anonymity makes it totally stellar.
Ex bf pulled his ignore for weeks stunt. Sometimes when people turn their back on ya and apathy sets in, a delightful thing like eat a dick is available! Unfortunately he thought the dick was from someone else but we still laughed numerous times just thinking about it. He just needed it lol 🤣

Eat a Dick - Dick in a Box Chocolate

Great Service

There were no delays, and the order arrives at the recipient exactly as expected. No complaints from me and a great practical joke.

Perfect gift for a frenemy

I got this for a Trump supporter frenemy of mine the next day after Joe Biden won the election along with a nice card thanking him for participating in democracy.

Best gag gift

I bought this for my brother's birthday as a joke. So funny and the chocolate is actually really good. 😂

Job well done


Everything was excellent. The only thing I would is have a milk chocolate "eat a dick" instead of only Dark Chocolate.

Just what was needed

This worked out perfect because the recipient of this package had a milk delivery as well who showed up after this was delivered so they got to see the package hehe

Eat a Dick - Dick in a Box Chocolate
Casper The Friendly Ghost
Did well

arrived on time

She was thrilled

I sent this to my DIL for her birthday.
It was so much fun.
She said her jaw literally DROPPED when she opened it.
So funny


Awesome experience

I'm just nuts about you

Played off perfectly! I did it to a friend as a gag and it was perfect. Totally worth it

RiDICKulous! Love it

Amazing! Great hilarious gift ideas .. my 2 friends were so surprised and delighted! Love a good promo too!! Responsive cust service too

Great gag gift!

The looks in their face when they open the present.

did not like the Thinking of you cards

you have to mail them to yourself then you can mail them to the person getting them. If you mail it to the person they get it outside of the enevelope.I messed up the first ones. I pulled the tab then opened them up to write my note inside.The company was nice enough to send me 2 more but once again when I opened them to write a note (without pulling tab), they would not stop. Other products have been good, but too much work to try to send 4 party invitations to people and still have not figured out how.

Just like i like

Big. Beautiful and the important part, Dark! 😍

Happy Birthday Dickhead!
Rachel Blake-Windhorst
Never got my package

I’ve been waiting for a month for my package and have not received it. No one responds to my emails and I’m unable to receive a refund.

"Eat a Dick" Chocolate Box